• The iSender 3 portable battery pack is now available to enable the iSender to be taken anywhere. The 12 volt battery enables the iSender to just plug in and broadcast for a full 8 hours before recharging is required. From No Charge to Fully Charged takes 3 hours.
  • Designed for our iSender Proximity device range, this external broadcasting kit enables advertisers to maximise on their broadcasting range by installing an external antenna beyond any barrier or wall that they may need to get their signal beyond. The kit includes all of the broadcasting components that you will need including signal combiner, cables and fittings and antenna.
  • WATERPROOF OUTDOOR ENCLOSURE for EQUIPMENT: Housing for iSender, wireless USB adapter, Cisco LinkSys router, etc Manufactured to endure inclement outdoor environments, this single port housing offers a base knock-out with rubber grommet, a hidden hinge and pre-molded extended legs. Designed for surface/wall-mount applications, its entry port accepts up to 1-in diameter cable bundles. An "F" termination is included for an optional security locking connector (sold separately). To waterproof any cable connections that might be exposed to the elements: Use silicone grease: Flood the cable connections (USB, Ethernet, coax cables) with silicone grease to waterproof them. USB wireless adapters: Use this enclosure to position your high-power USB wireless adapter outdoors, where your reception will be much better. Set it in line of sight if possible, or otherwise set it high: Use USB extension cables. Mount with wood-screws or bolts: Partial-holes for screws or bolts.
  • Huawei USB Modem is a high-speed unlocked 4G dongle that will provide you with a secure and reliable internet connection for your iSender. All you need to do is insert a data sim card from a network of your choice, then it is ready to use. Simply insert the dongle into the iSender and the iSender will automatically connect. The 4G dongle has up to 150 Mbps (megabit Per Second) so it is not just your average dongle. A perfect companion for your iSender if you want to have instant access to upload campaigns or view campaign statistics wherever you are. Specifications
    • Dimensions: 8.8 cm (Height) x 2.8 cm (Width) x 1.1 cm (Depth)
    • Colour: Black and White
    • Weight: 35 Grams
    • Communication System: FDD: DD800/900/1800/2100/2600
    • UMTS: 900/2100
    • GSM:850/900/1800/1900
    • Micro SD Card Slot: Yes, up to 32 GB
    • Operation System: WindowsXP,Vista,Windows7/8,MAC, Win Blue
  • Bluetooth Outdoor Antenna - Wall Mount - External Proximity Marketing Antenna
    • Outdoor omni antenna
    • 8dBi gain
    • N Type socket connector
    • Wall/Pole Mount included
    • Frequency Range - 2400-2483MHz
  • Bluetooth/WiFi Outdoor Antenna Glass/Magnetic Mount This antenna will enable you to maximise the Bluetooth Wifi range, increasing it by as much as 1000 meters. It is a must for anyone using Bluetooth or WiFi marketing inside or outside.
  • The Teltonika RUT700 is an outdoor 3G router with high speed wireless and Ethernet connections. The internal HSPA+ modem can reach download rates of up to 21Mbps. The Router supports the latest IEEE802.11n WiFi standard as well as IEEE802.11b/g standards and provides a wireless receiving and transmitting rate of up to 150 Mbps. A high gain directional 3G antenna allows the router to be used in low signal locations while an external Wi-Fi connector makes it possible to attach desired antenna. IEEE 802.3af-2003 compliant PoE uses a single Ethernet cable to communicate with the device and to power it making for an easy installation.
  • Outdoor Antenna

    Magnetic Mount

  • The iSender comes with a full 12 month warranty however this can be extended and is recommended. This is a new maintenance service is designed to keep your iSender device functioning as it should after 12 months. This service includes a memory re-fresh/re-flash. Shipping / Carriage charges for your device service are included, as is VAT.
  • Adcast

    Adcast is our new advert design service that we are offering to new and existing customers. You tell us what you want, and we create it. If you need it in two formats (Bluetooth & WiFi), then you need to order for two.
  • Features: Boost your wireless coverage with this Magnetic Mount Signal Antenna. Range Extender Plug and Play - No extra pigtails needed. Plug directly into your iSender. Enhance the signal strength and performance with this high gain 9dBi antenna The Signal Antenna adds more power and distance for your wireless network, help to clear up dead spots in your network. Magnetic Mount - Put the antenna near the window or on top of a vehicle where it can pick up more signals. Specification: Frequency:2400-5800 MHz Bandwidth:100 MHz Gain(dBi):9dBi Power Capacity: 50W VSWR ¡Ü1.5 Average Input Impendence : 50 ¦¸ Connect Type:SMA-Male Working Temp:-40~85¡æ Antenna Length :222mm Net weight:50g Package weight:60g Package: 1 x WiFi /Bluetooth Booster Antenna
  • The RUT950 is highly reliable and secure 4G/LTE router for professional applications. This Router delivers high performance, mission-critical cellular communication. The RUT950 is equipped with connectivity redundancy through dual SIM failover. External antenna connectors make it possible to attach higher gain antennas making it easier for you to to easily find the best signal location.