External Magnetic Mount Antenna


Boost your wireless coverage with this Magnetic Mount Signal Antenna.
Range Extender
Plug and Play – No extra pigtails needed. Plug directly into your iSender.
Enhance the signal strength and performance with this high gain 9dBi antenna

The Signal Antenna adds more power and distance for your wireless network, help to clear up dead spots in your network.
Magnetic Mount – Put the antenna near the window or on top of a vehicle where it can pick up more signals.

Frequency:2400-5800 MHz
Bandwidth:100 MHz
Power Capacity: 50W
VSWR ¡Ü1.5 Average
Input Impendence : 50 ¦¸
Connect Type:SMA-Male
Working Temp:-40~85¡æ
Antenna Length :222mm
Net weight:50g
Package weight:60g

1 x WiFi /Bluetooth Booster Antenna


The External Mag Mount Antenna is a fantastic addition to any Proximity Marketing Campaign to boost range.

The antennas are placed onto any metal base like a vehicle or trailer and will ensure that your campaign is delivered outwith any potential barrier like your car bodywork.

Great for fleets that want to advise customers of nearby work.



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