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Global Jaguar campaign purrs with the BlueBroadcaster iSender.

Jaguar launch the new Jaguar F-Pace. The new SUV. Jaguar using the iSender to campaign in 20 countries simultaneously.

Welcome to BlueBroadcaster.
The UK’s Leading Proximity Marketing Provider.

Use Proximity Marketing to create engaging customer experiences.
No app or broadband required.


We are a Proximity Marketing company based in the UK and now in the US.

We specialise in Bluetooth Marketing, Proximity Marketing & WiFi Marketing systems, and technology, which enable any business or organisation, to promote their special offers and important messages, to broadcast them to mobile devices up to 200 meters away using both Bluetooth and WiFi. No pre-installed app or broadband required.

We also supply & digital content for all campaigns, and we can help you get started & support you through the process from purchasing your broadcasting iSender device through to uploading your content to it for broadcasting out to your audience.

What is Proximity Marketing?

Proximity Marketing is a term that describes the communication of marketing content typically from businesses or public bodies to mobile devices.

Our iSender device broadcasts digital content over two frequencies, Bluetooth & WiFi.
Typical ranges can vary between 1/200 meters line of sight and is mobile handset dependant.

The Proximity Marketing term also includes other technologies like NFC
(Near Field Communication) and iBeacons which both push alerts or commands to mobile devices via tags or a mobile app.

What is Bluetooth Marketing?

Bluetooth Marketing is a term that is used to describe the sending of marketing content from businesses to mobile devices over Bluetooth.

Bluetooth Marketing pushes an initial broadcast alert (or permission request) to anyone with a Bluetooth enabled mobile device.

Pretty much all Bluetooth enabled handsets and smart phones can receive a Bluetooth file in this way except iPhones, iPhones are out of scope for Bluetooth Marketing unless they have a pre installed app. So to include iPhone’s into your Proximity Marketing campaign, you need WiFi Marketing too.

What is WiFi Marketing?

WiFi Marketing is a term that describes the availability of a WiFi hotspot that when users joined directs them to a specific webpage or website. This can be an intranet local web page or an external webpage or website.

WiFi Marketing is one of the most exciting forms of digital marketing currently available today. It can present interactive content that can include a survey requests, data capture forms, or even direct app downloads. It can also include shopping voucher wallet downloads and iPhone mobile wallet redemption.

Great for retail businesses that want to attract mobile savvy customers. Recently we introduced a first direct Apple & Android mobile wallet distribution system through our iSender device, enabling businesses to send vouchers to mobile savvy customers which can be saved or shared.

How can I use these technologies to promote my business?

Our iSender Proximity Marketing device will enable you to broadcast your companies message to any mobile device.

It will create a WiFi hotspot for viewers to join as well as send content over Bluetooth. No internet required.

Introducing the iSender

The Proximity Marketing Device.

  • Uses both Bluetooth & WiFi to promote your business offers.
  • Send content to any device including iPhone, Android & Windows.
  • Use anywhere. Mobile or in a permanent location.
  • Powered by mains, external battery or from a vehicle cigar lighter socket.
  • Manage your campaigns and reports from the cloud included free.