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Proximity Marketing from BlueBroadcaster

Global Jaguar campaign purrs with the BlueBroadcaster iSender.

Jaguar launch the new Jaguar F-Pace. The new SUV. Jaguar using the iSender to campaign in 20 countries simultaneously.

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Hello! Thanks for visiting. We are digital marketing agency that specialises in Proximity Marketing, Bluetooth Marketing & WiFi Marketing.

 Our iSender proximity marketing device and associated technology will enable any organisation anywhere in the world to broadcast any relevant or important message to anyone with a mobile phone within its range, typically around 100 meters.

No app or broadband required.

What is Proximity Marketing?

Proximity Marketing is a term that typically describes the communication of digitally based content to mobile devices within a particular range or proximity. Our iSender device broadcasts your message using a combination of Bluetooth & WiFi, and typical ranges can vary around 100 meters dependent on line of sight.

The Proximity Marketing term can also be used to include other technologies like NFC (Near Field Communication) or iBeacons, which are small close range Bluetooth based radios that are used to push alerts to smart phones if that have a pre-installed mobile app.

Our iSender device sends content to smartphones and does not require an app.

What is Bluetooth Marketing?

Bluetooth Marketing is a term that is used to describe the sending of digital content to a mobile device via the Bluetooth frequency.
The process starts with a push alert message (or permission request), that anyone with a Bluetooth-enabled device will receive.

Pretty much all Bluetooth enabled devices and smartphones can receive a Bluetooth signal in this way except iPhones, iPhones are out of scope for Bluetooth Marketing unless they have a pre-installed app. So to include iPhone’s into your Proximity Marketing campaigns, you need WiFi Marketing too.

Our iSender device enables you to broadcast over both frequencies simultaneously.

What is WiFi Marketing?

WiFi Marketing is a term that describes the availability of a WiFi hotspot that when users join directs them to a particular web page or website.
This can be a local or an external web page or website.

Our WiFi Marketing is one of the most exciting forms of digital marketing currently available today. It can present interactive content to your clients that can include survey requests, data capture forms, or even direct app downloads. It can include smartphone wallet coupons for iPhone mobile wallet redemption.

WiFi Marketing is ideal for businesses that want to attract mobile savvy customers.
We just recently introduced a first direct Apple & Android mobile wallet distribution system through our iSender device, enabling businesses to send vouchers to mobile-savvy customers which can be saved directly onto their mobiles to use when appropriate or shared.

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