Housing for iSender, wireless USB adapter, Cisco LinkSys router, etc

Manufactured to endure inclement outdoor environments, this single port housing offers a base knock-out with rubber grommet, a hidden hinge and pre-molded extended legs.

Designed for surface/wall-mount applications, its entry port accepts up to 1-in diameter cable bundles.
An “F” termination is included for an optional security locking connector (sold separately).

To waterproof any cable connections that might be exposed to the elements: Use silicone grease: Flood the cable connections (USB, Ethernet, coax cables) with silicone grease to waterproof them.

USB wireless adapters: Use this enclosure to position your high-power USB wireless adapter outdoors, where your reception will be much better. Set it in line of sight if possible, or otherwise set it high: Use USB extension cables.

Mount with wood-screws or bolts: Partial-holes for screws or bolts.