The Brief

Miller Beer have a live music brand called The Mill Live, The Mill Live is a dedicated music experience that encompasses a dedicated website and gig guide that promotes new unsigned Scottish Bands into the Scottish Music Scene through a wide range of Mill Live music venues across Scotland.

Miller wanted to expand the Mill Live brand into the retail and shopping environment in a number of retail stores that included Tesco’s top 20 Scottish stores and promote the Mill Live brand to a wider demographic in the retail shopping environment. To do this they wanted to make some of the music freely available to Tesco customers that wanted it. The campaign was to coincide with their existing Mill Live marketing and needed to be available to shoppers at all 20 stores simultaneously from the campaign launch date for a three-week period. Miller also wanted to ensure that they only made the rich content freely available to shoppers who were over 18 and only on an opt in basis.

The Solution

In achieving this requirement, Fantastic Media was presented with a number of challenges. Firstly to ensure that the Mill Live campaign started and finished on time in all 20 Scottish stores stretching the length and breadth of Scotland simultaneously, and also to ensure that the free content was only made available to shoppers over the age of 18, and only after opting in to receiving it. To do this Fantastic Media delivered and installed 20 BlueBroadcaster I-sender units that included our new java opt in server software into all 20 Tesco stores from Ayr to Inverness.

Fantastic also had to ensure 20 iSender units had internet access through our own network and ensured that all 20 stores Bluetooth Marketing campaigns were available to manage online through the new BlueBroadcaster web interface. Fantastic Media also created a branded Mill Live java application that once presented required Tesco shoppers to confirm that they were over 18 years of age before being presented with the option to accept or decline the free music download.

The combination of the iSender units and the java application ensured that the Mill Live Bluetooth marketing requirements were presented to the customer in exactly the way they required. After the customer confirmed that they were over 18, the Mill Live application then presented them with an option to receive a free music download from a new up and coming Scottish band that they could either choose to accept or decline, if accepted, the BlueBroadcaster java application then sent the shopper the free music content to their mobile.

The Results

Over the three-week period the BlueBroadcaster campaign presented the option to accept the Mill Live content to over 172,000 mobiles. From those presentations, over 80,000 branded Mill Live java applications were sent and seen by Tesco shoppers and from those over 14,000 free music downloads were delivered. This measured over a 17.5% acceptance rate. This acceptance rate not only presented a verifiable success measure that is unavailable in any other advertising media, it also presented a rich media download and higher success rate than any press, radio, or television exposure could achieve combined. Not only that but it also presented the Tesco customers with a branded Mill Live application that they could choose to keep and interact with permanently giving the Mill Live the opportunity to maintain a permanent relationship with their new customers.