The Brief

Miller Beer has a live music brand called The Mill Live. The Mill Live is a dedicated music experience that encompasses a dedicated website and gig guide that promotes new unsigned Scottish Bands into the Scottish Music Scene through a full range of Mill Live music venues across Scotland.

Miller wanted to expand the Mill Live brand into more of their pubs and clubs including the sites that hosted the live gigs with a view to making the live music gig content available to the audience on the night of the concert.


The Challenge

Miller wanted to generate more interest in the Mill Live brand and introduce it to a larger audience through live venues in both Glasgow and Edinburgh. This was to be achieved by installing 20 new iSender Pro Smart Plus devices into those locations with external antennas. Over 60 venues were involved over a 9 month long campaign.

Each installation also required unique content that had to be loaded onto the iSender device that corresponded to the act. Reporting on results every week.

The Solution

The challenge in delivering this campaign was two-fold.

1 in providing the campaign on time and in three month rotating cycles to over 60 venues scattered throughout both Glasgow and Edinburgh, but also to ensure that the equipment being installed was secure and positioned to maximise the very best broadcasting range in a variety of different locations/scenarios.

In addition to ensuring that the venues received their installation/de-installation on time, we also had to make sure that we had remote access to the iSender devices in order to remotely control every campaign in each of the 20 locations simultaneously. This required a combination of using 3G dongles and connecting the units to existing wireless networks already set up within some of the venues.

We delivered this solution on time and budget with remarkable results.