The world of proximity marketing can seem a little daunting, however it really is quite straightforward once you understand a few key terms. Here’s the BlueBroadcaster proximity marketing glossary  to help you understand the key words and phrases.

Bluetooth Marketing

Bluetooth marketing is the sending of digital content to a mobile device via the Bluetooth frequency. Most Bluetooth enabled devices and smartphones can receive a  signal in this way, although iphones need a pre installed app.

Proximity Marketing

Proximity marketing is the communication of digitally based content to mobile devices within a particular range or proximity. The term Proximity Marketing can also be used to include other technologies like NFC (Near Field Communication) or Beacons, which are small close range Bluetooth based radios that are used to push alerts to smart phones if they have a pre-installed mobile app.


The iSender is a Bluetooth & WiFi marketing tool for businesses and individuals anywhere in the world that want to start sending marketing messages to anyone with a mobile phone within a 100 metre radius. It can be used to send basic Bluetooth text based messages or graphic based adverts to Android mobile phones, or mobile web pages and data capture mobile survey forms to Apple iPhone users. It broadcasts your campaigns over both Bluetooth and WiFi frequencies simultaneously.

Wifi Marketing

WiFi Marketing is a term that describes the availability of a WiFi hotspot that when users join directs them to a particular web page or website. This can be a local or an external web page or website. It can present a range of interactive content to your clients, including survey requests, data capture forms, or even direct app downloads. It can include smartphone wallet coupons for iPhone mobile wallet redemption.

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