The build up to the annual Christmas shopping madness now includes the increasingly important Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. With online sales growing year on year, it may seem that traditional retail and physical stores are facing a tough battle. But this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Here are 7 tips to help physical stores make the most of these opportunities, with proximity marketing playing a key role.

  1. Link the real life and digital experience While customers are increasingly looking online to find the best deals, research shows that even when they visit the physical store, 80% of customers are also using their phones to shop online at the same time. This presents the ideal opportunity to make sure that the real life and digital experiences link together seamlessly and work in tandem to promote Black Friday sales.
  2. Target customers early Make sure that your customers are aware in advance of your Black Friday promotions. Target consumers instore in the weeks leading up to Black Friday with relevant information and offers to entice a return visit.
  3. Make sure your promotions are personalised Customers are increasingly savvy, and so generic, boring promotions won’t cut it anymore. Proximity marketing allows you to target information to specific segments, creating a personalised shopping experience.
  4. Exclusive in store promotions Offering exclusive in store promotions and events gives your customers a reason to visit your shop. Proximity marketing and beacon technology can target shoppers already inside, as well as those in the nearby vicinity.
  5. Target ‘click and collect’ customers Up to 64% of customers picking up an online order will also make a purchase in store. Proximity marketing and beacon technology  can target those consumers with relevant notifications when they are collecting their online order.
  6. Support local The move to support local businesses is big news, especially on the back of initiatives such as Small Business Saturday. Highlight and sing about your links with the local community to entice ethical and conscientious shoppers.
  7. Support a cause A good way of offering consumers more reason to visit your store is to support a good cause during the holiday season. Turn the sales into a fundraising opportunity and a way to foster community spirit-something you can’t get online.

Don’t look at the Black Friday sales as a competition, rather just make the most of the opportunity and turn it to your advantage.