Proximity marketing has many benefits, so here we’ve picked out our top 5.


Using beacons provides more detailed location data than either GPS or WiFi tracking, therefore this allows businesses to get a precise understanding of how shoppers navigate and interact with their physical stores. In turn they can use this data to determine what is working instore and what isn’t, and dramatically improve the shopping experience.


Proximity marketing allows brands to offer personalised, targeted promotions to their customers based on their location and  at the optimum time to influence purchasing decisions.

Customer Insights

Using proximity marketing allows access to an unrivaled amount of customer data. As well as gathering information on what areas of the store are visited, they can analyse things such as the most popular days and times, what items are purchased together and the checkout experience.

Customer Engagement

According to recent studies, messages sent by beacon are opened up to 53% of the time. This open rate is superior to other forms of advertising and offers immediately relevant information to the consumer.


Some of our customers achieve success rates that climb as high as 50% depending on their audience dwelling time.