So just who uses proximity marketing?
Here’s a few ideas!

Just about any business or service that is operating from a fixed location can implement a proximity marketing strategy. Some examples include:
Major retailers and department stores, can send store maps and vouchers or offers to apply for their credit card or to enroll in their loyalty or rewards programs.

Hotels can inform guests about on-site events and promotions or can offer to enroll them in loyalty or rewards programs.

Restaurants can send special menus/daily specials, coupons, offers for loyalty programs, or perhaps send trivia questions or other games to help them pass the time while they wait for their table to be ready.

Shopping centres can offer a proximity marketing benefit to their tenants by putting together a package of coupons or offer a discount at any retailer.

Travel hubs such as airports and bus/coach stations can provide maps or display ads that can be sold to local tourist destinations.

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