In the past it was hard for small businesses to keep up with the big boys. Lacking the marketing budget of big companies meant they often didn’t get a look in. That has all changed these days! New technology has evened the playing field and proximity marketing is right at the heart of this marketing revolution.

So how can small businesses use proximity marketing to set themselves apart from big companies?

Make it convenient for your customers to find you

A staggering 84% of people are already using their phone while shopping to browse products, find shops and get directions. Make use of this and make it super easy and convenient for your customers to find you while they have their phone out. You can send out notifications to your target customers and they don’t have to do anything different from what they’re already doing. Our iSender device doesn’t even need an app to work!

Produce a fantastic in-store experience

Proximity marketing is not just about getting people over the threshold. Once they are in your premises, you can pull out all the stops to create a magical in store experience. From pop up events, special offers, to interactive displays, now is your chance to show your creativity and a personal touch.

Make use of the cost effectiveness of proximity marketing 

As mentioned above, the advent of many new technologies has really levelled the playing field when it comes to enabling small businesses to keep up with their larger competitors. Proximity marketing can offer unrivalled return on investment, making it the ideal choice for small and medium businesses.

Use the customer insights

Proximity marketing is not just about increasing footfall and driving sales. It also offers the chance to collect and analyse data on shopping habits, customer behaviour and success rates. This gives you the chance to make changes throughout a campaign if you need to increase effectiveness.

If you would like to know more about proximity marketing, get in touch today and get your campaign started ASAP.