Increased Sales
Retailers can use proximity marketing to offer discounts and incentives to their customers who are in the shop or nearby, thus increasing footfall and driving sales.
Return custom
Brands can offer a loyalty programme through proximity marketing so customers are incentivised to return.
Increased Engagement
Brands can ask for feedback or send out questionnaires and surveys through proximity marketing.
Following on from increasing return custom, if you positive results from your users you have to offer some sort of personalised loyalty programme. A tactic used by well know smoothie & coffee shops.
Brand awareness
Events, for example, are always best sold by word of mouth, so you can use proximity marketing to offer incentives for those who share your message.
Personalised marketing
This is what makes you stand out. While proximity marketing can throw out push notifications & send users to a one-off win situation, you can also customise how your message looks, showcasing your brand values & reach a new level of personal engagement with your custom audience.