2018 really is turning into the year of the mobile and recent stats from John Lewis highlight just how integrated the use of smartphones is with shopping. The retail giant found that smartphone is now the top way for their customers to shop. “Declaring 2018 the “year of shopping on the move”, John Lewis’s annual retail report reveals smartphones now account for 42% of visits to their website.

So what does this mean for proximity marketing?

These figures show that smartphones are an integral part of the consumer’s journey when looking to make a purchase. Remember, these figures are from a ‘traditional’ brand with a slightly older demographic, the figures are likely to be higher for brands targeted at younger shoppers. Consumers are looking to their smartphones for information, clarification and reassurance that they are making the right purchasing decision.

With smartphone use at an all time high (and still growing) brands are missing a trick if they don’t tap into this opportunity. One way to make the most of it is by using proximity marketing to influence consumers at precisely the moment they are most likely to make a purchase.