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 How does it work?


Lot’s of our customers have been enjoying our new ADNetwork.
We have many prime locations throughout the UK.
Placing your ad with us couldn’t be simpler. Customers like B&Q, M&S and Waitress to name but a few are already enjoying the exposure. Now we have opened up our network to everyone so you can place your advert with us in any one of our live locations.
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Live Network Locations


We have over 50 live locations available to choose from with new additional locations coming online every month.

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Step 1.


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 Select a location.

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Step 2.


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Upload your ad to the location.

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Step 3.


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Introductory £5.00 per day’s broadcasting.

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Choose a Location from the calendar below and book.


Once you have done that you can upload your content directly to us.

For Bluetooth Campaigns we recommend Formats: .txt, .png, .jpeg, .gif
We Recommended Sizes: 320 x 480 / 640 x 960
We Recommended Weights: up to 100kb
(The lighter the content the faster the download)


HTML zipped in a Windows compression tool.
iPhone 320 x 480 Pixel Size.

If you have any questions then please call us
0161 870 8048

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Some of our existing advertisers


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Network Contributors


We are currently looking for more locations to add to our network.
If you are an existing customer or you are about to become one, then you too can become a network contributor and add your location to our network.

You don’t have to be in the UK, you can be located anywhere in the world.
Your location can also be added temporarily, weekends or evenings for example.
To find out more about becoming a network contributor, then please contact us using the form below.

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