The Brief

Miller Beer have a live music brand called The Mill Live. The Mill Live is a dedicated music experience that encompasses a dedicated website and gig guide that promotes new unsigned Scottish Bands into the Scottish Music Scene through a wide range of Mill Live music venues across Scotland.

Miller wanted to expand the Mill Live brand into more of their pubs and clubs including the venues that hosted the live gigs with a view to making the live music gig content available to the audience on the night of the gig.

Miller wanted to generate more interest in the Mill Live brand and concept and introduce it to a larger audience through more venues in both Glasgow and Edinburgh. This was to be achieved by installing 20 iSender units with external 1 km transmitters into over 60 bars over a 9 month long campaign, using 20 iSender’s units and installing them in 20 bars at any one time in 3 month cycles each. In addition, each installation required a unique piece of content that had to be changed when the next round of installations was required. Reporting on results every week.

The Solution

The challenge in delivering this solution was two fold, 1 in delivering the campaign on time in three month rotating cycles to over 60 venues scattered throughout both Glasgow and Edinburgh within a very tight time frame through a combination of uninstall and installation processes, and also to ensure that the equipment being installed was secure and positioned to maximise broadcasting effect in a variety of different locations/scenarios where one venue required a different set up/installation from the last, presenting the FM installation engineers with a unique set of challenges to over come almost on every installation.

In addition to ensuring that the venues received their installation/de installation on time, we also had to ensure that we had remote access to the iSender units in order to remotely control the campaign in all 20 bars simultaneously in all of the 3 month cycles . This required a combination of using our own internet access 3G dongles and connecting the units onto existing wireless networks already set up within some of the venues.

Fantastic Media delivered this solution on time and on budget with remarkable results.

The Results

Over the nine month long campaign period, the Miller campaign presented the option to accept the Mill Live gig mp3 content to just under 600,000 unique mobiles. Approximate 200,000 unique mobiles per 3 month quarter. From the overall 600,000 unique mobile reached, over 52,000 accepted the Mill Live MP3 rich content representing a success rate of just over 9%.

This acceptance rate not only presented a verifiable success measure unavailable in any alternative advertising media, it also presented a rich media download and higher success rate than any press, radio, or television exposure could achieve combined.