Absolutely anyone can use BlueBroadcaster Proximity Marketing products and services to advertise and market their companies products and services. The technology can be used in any environment and there are no limitations or restrictions in using it. It’s free for businesses to send and free for customers to receive and it also helps protect the environment by reducing the need to print on paper.

Using your BlueBroadcaster product with just a little imagination, will enable you to incentivise your new potential customers with fresh new offers and ideas that they just couldn’t get anywhere else.

BlueBroadcaster enables you to send customers anything from a business card that stores directly into the recipients mobile phone book, to a live java application or web page where your customers can buy your company’s products or services directly from their mobiles.

Office / Companies

Why not use an office PC or laptop at reception so that as staff come into work the latest company news is automatically sent directly to where they’re most likely to read it?

Combining this information with promotional offers and company news for staff ensures that the recipients will want to receive the content. Perhaps you may even want to welcome and impress new guests as they enter the building in a very unique and ingenious way?

Football Matches / Sporting Stadium’s

Sporting stadia is perhaps the most mind boggling of venues that you could use your Bluetooth® technology for advertising because of the sheer numbers of people that attend.

If you’re a regular and know the experience you will probably find that getting a reception on your mobile is difficult due to the sheer volume of fans using their phones at the same time. With Bluetooth® marketing you don’t have that problem because it doesn’t need a reception to work. Instead, Bluetooth® technology gives  you thousands of potential new customers to advertise products to.

Fairs, Concerts / Conventions

In a sea of stands full of your competitors, how do you grab people’s attention and invite them onto your stand? Perhaps with a Bluetooth® message offering them a glass of wine at your stand?

Once they’re there, you can begin the task of introducing them to your product or service. If you are selling products at the show and have an offer that you want to promote, what better way to reach out to people around the venue than a Bluetooth® message!

Catering / Restaurants

In a busy city centre location with numerous competing restaurants, Bluetooth® marketing offers an exciting opportunity for restaurateurs to tell diners about what they have to offer which can be particularly effective if combined with a discount or promotional offer allowing you to incentive the diner to choose you.

Train Stations / Airports / Bus Stations

People travelling to and from places may already have plans about what they want to do and whom they want to see, yet a Bluetooth® message sent to them with a strong offer could help ensure that the individuals that are just shopping may just pay you a visit.

Grab a new customer and turn them into a regular customer for life.

Travel Agents

Bluetooth® Marketing can be used in a highly competitive environment, competing with online low-cost operators, travel agents and teletext, offering special deals to your customers has never been so important.

Make those city centre rates pay by connecting with the vast number of window shoppers walking past your store and looking around for the best deals.  Make sure they don’t miss your daily offer by delivering it directly to their mobiles!

Schools and Universities

It is estimated that 81% of 16-24 year olds have mobile phones, most of which will have them Bluetooth® enabled. This means that Bluetooth® transmission can be an excellent method of informing and communicating with students. An excellent use of Bluetooth® marketing is during Fresher’s week, sending information to guide students around the campus by providing downloadable maps.

Another excellent use of Bluetooth® is to get your institution noticed at careers fairs; in a sea of choices especially post 16, Bluetooth® marketing provides a method to put your courses and offerings right at the forefront of the fair.

Doctors / Dental Surgeries

While your patients wait, why not engage them by offering news, information or even games to play in a way that won’t interfere with the waiting room privacy.

In a world where healthcare is becoming increasingly commercialised, Bluetooth® marketing provides a method to start an interactive relationship with patients about their health and dental plans as well as your offers.

Shopping Malls / Centre

With a constant stream of people and no guarantee they’ll ever enter your store, why not reach out to them using Bluetooth® marketing with your offers?

Sending promotions is one thing but sending your customers something that they simply couldn’t get in any other way will build value into your marketing campaigns. Send out details about your seasonal lines, unique vouchers or a special promotion will help ensure that customers leave the mall or shopping centre with your products rather than a competitor’s.

Content being sent through to your potential customers mobiles will excite and exhilarate customers into visiting you store.

Night Clubs, Bars and Cafes

In a highly competitive market, why should revelers choose YOUR venue!? Perhaps because whilst walking through a busy city centre street they receive a message promising a discounted entry, or drinks offer combined with the reassurance of a great night out.

Leafleting is highly untargeted and costly, not to mention environmentally hazardous. Why pay for a PR team to give out a limited supply of leaflets to the few you do pick them up? Instead you could send out an unlimited amount of Bluetooth® messages to anyone passing with a Bluetooth® enabled phone.

Through our experience in design and advertising we can work with you to translate that initial interest into a customer walking in.


Given the current banking climate and poor customer image, the banking industry should perhaps consider new ways of promoting their products and services.

While people stand in the queue for the cashier, do you ignore them or do you make your latest banking offers available to download directly to where most customers would like to receive messages?

When people walk past your bank does the window poster offering an excellent rate on a new mortgage really reach out to them or would you prefer to turn the offer into something that would invite them in?

Service / Petrol Stations

With oil prices on the increase and an increasingly cut-throat market, many petrol and service stations are diversifying into selling other products in addition to fuel.  There is no better way than Bluetooth® marketing to attract your customer’s attention to a product that they may not have thought of.

Public Places / Festivals / Local events

Want to give helpful advice, downloadable maps and directions to the public? Perhaps at a large multi-venue festival? We can setup Bluetooth® Marketing hotspots to allow you to help the public. If it’s a large festival people may not know what’s going on when they move to different stages and venues.

However, a program of events to come sent via Bluetooth® direct to their pockets and onto their phones, will engage their attention into action as quickly as possible! We can also put together “Interactive Billboards” allowing visitors to download videos or images onto their mobiles simply by standing looking at the poster. These could be adverts for events coming up or general promotional material about the festival. We believe our Bluetooth® technology could really help people get the most from the festival or public space!