I have been using Bluetooth Broadcaster for almost 2 years now, to promote specials and generally put a “Look! I’m right here!!” message in and around my cafe` in Brisbane Australia, and I cannot believe the responses I get. Sure, not everyone buys something, but nearly everyone is inquisitive after they get a message request and they all get to know the name of the Cafe`.
Creating and loading material is as easy as 123 so no problems for technophobes.
Just cheap, simple and very flexible advertising that works! Its simply amazing how many people shuffle around looking at their phones and not at their surroundings nowadays – for them to have something pop up in their hands really gets their attention, but they are not hassled and can simply reject the message if it is not applicable. I checked out privacy and advertising regulations here in Queensland and there are no applicable restrictions, so Happy Days! Dave. Balti Cafe`.

~David Ringsell, Barnstaple

As complete novices to Bluetooth Advertising we were lucky to select Fantastic media to manage our campaign. Not only did they supply us with great software they also spent a good length of time guiding us through our marketing campaign and ensuring that we got the best possible results. thanks to all concerned.

~David Roog , Warrington

We purchased a BlueBroadcaster Bluetooth Marketing unit through a special deal that was set up through our franchisor Martin & Co . We are not very technical so it was important for us to find a supplier that could support us. I have to say that we are very pleased both with the unit that we purchased and the support that we have received so far from Fantastic Media. We would recommended them to anyone.

~Helen Whiteman, Stamford

An excellent product which we are using in several sales campaigns with impressive results. Well worth the money.

~Andy Wells , Peacehaven

We got great advice before buying the technology needed to run Bluetooth marketing campaigns. 2 years on and we’re still getting lots of support in the usual friendly manner! Ian At The Helm Ltd

~Ian Helm, Blackburn

Blue tooth Broadcasting – quick easy, we had a couple of older Jaguar’s for sale and we are not know for selling pre-owned cars for under £15k, this was an excellent cost effective way of getting the message out, 96 mobile phone users accepted the advert that we broadcast and we sold 2 older aged Jaguar’s that we where going to ‘trade out’ – Money well spent – Vicky Hewitt, Rybrook Jaguar (Chester, Conwy & Warrington) & Conwy Land Rover.

~Vicky Hewitt, Warrington