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iSender Pro Smart (Plus)


The iSender Pro Smart Plus is our new top of the range broadcasting device. It will broadcast your mobile content to both smart phones and feature phones including iPhones, using a combination of Bluetooth & WiFi.

The unit can generate two WiFi hotspots for your customers to join and it can broadcast your content up to 100 meters away. It’s ideal for shops, offices, car showrooms or any business that has something it wants to share to mobile devices.

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iSender Pro Smart Plus broadcasts over three frequencies

Switch your device on and it instantly generates three hotspots, one Bluetooth and two Wifi that all work together to send out your marketing content.

Market to Smart Phones & Feature Phones

Market to both smart phones and feature phones including iPhone, Blackberry and Android via Bluetooth & WiFi.

Control via our new responsive portal.

Control and manage your iSender in the cloud via our new web interface.

Full Customisation & Scope

Your iSender content is fully customisable. You can create your content in your own chosen software and upload it to the iSender Portal where you can download it to your devices.

Capture data including survey forms, Apple Passbook Coupons, Web Landing pages, Web Site,
Create Private or Public WiFi networks.

Live Reporting

See stats of your campaign over the net. View success rates, mobiles detected and rejected and when and where that information was received.

Send Passbook Coupons

You can now send Apple passbook coupons.
Your customers can store them on their phones, share them with their friends and redeem them at store.

(Only available on iSender Pro Smart & iSender Pro Smart Plus)

Additional Accessories

We have additional accessories that you can use to your advantage. External broadcasting kit, external battery & weather proof casing will enable you to broadcast your message through barriers like building walls, car bodywork or use just to simply maximise your external broadcasting range.

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Weight 0.362 kg
Dimensions 22 × 17 × 4.5 cm
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Please Select, PAYG – £20 Month Block + £30 One off connection, Pay Monthly – £15 P/M + £30 One off connection, Per Annum – £150 Fully Inclusive